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I'm a long-retired broadcaster creating videos of classical piano recitals, etc.

I've been challenged to record pre-teen kids when they do a piano recital....but it hasn't created a lot of positive buzz so-far!

I got a Rode video/shotgun mic but it produces a low level and not much presence because kids don't speak loudly when they're "stressed". It seems to be especially hard to get a good level from girls.

New ZOOM F8 Field Recorder Packed with Features to Empower Filmmakers

In the field recording becomes professional with ZOOM's F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder

There are those who think that all you need to get audio is a decent microphone, but ask anyone who has recorded on location and they’ll tell you that “in the field" recordings are fraught with problems. In steps the ZOOM F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder to alleviate field recording woes with a solid performance backed up by a slew of technologies and a simplified menu optimized for quick access.

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I need to mic an interview with the interviewer and interviewee on camera like a talk show (David letterman, daily show, ect.) I would like to use at least two cameras to switch back and forth between the interviewer and interviewee.  I am interested in using a lavalier mic for each person because of the freedom of movement and to lower some of the background noise in the room. The wireless systems by Sennheiser (for example) are out of my price range but perhaps a lavalier mic wired an external system would work?

One Microphone Every Videographer Should Own

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your video is to improve your audio. That means choosing and using the right mic. If you can afford a host of microphones, fill your gear bag to the brim with them and use whichever mic makes the most sense on the set. But what if you could only have one? Which mic makes the best all-around, multi-purpose utility tool for producers?

The Four Microphone Pickup Patterns Every Videographer Should Know

close up shot of a studio microphone
Recording audio is a great mystery to many people. "What mic is best?" There's no easy answer because each setup is different and requires different mic types and different audio capturing needs. Your audio setup will change with every shoot. But understanding the microphone pickup patterns will help you pick up the best mic for any situation without too much brain drain.
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HI, i am having difficulty capturing clean audio for a fitness and exercise project. The subject is very active during shooting, moving around, jumping, breathing heavily, etc.

I am using a Countryman Mic into Shure PG1 wireless transmitter. The receiver is a Shure PG 4 receiver. Recorder is a Zoom H4n portable.


Six Tips for Cutting Down Mic Wind Noise

So you've got the camera set up, your talent is miked up perfectly, and the shot looks stunning. Your audio guy (or perhaps you if you've got a small crew) slips on the headphones, and that's when he hears it. The windstorm that seems to be blowing a hurricane force wind directly into your mic.

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I have a Canon Vixia HFM40. Looking for some quality audio as the last piece of my new setup. I've been eyeing different ways to go about it so I of course thought I'd get some advice before I spend $80+.

Should I grab a Shotgun mic to attach to the camera or should I get an external audio and just sync it up? Also some advice on what to buy as far as models would be appreciated too.


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