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Hi Everyone

I am new to this. I need help purchasing a mac for video editing with FCP. I'm an aspiring video editor so befoe I invest in classes/training I need to get the equipment.

I was looking online for refurbished macs due to budget reasons however I didn't now whether or not to get mac pro or mac book pro.

what "specs" would be the best for editing and running FCP Studio 3?

Also what other things would I need to be efficient and productive as a freelance video editor?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi all, I have been filming outdoor turkey hunts for a few years now and have several hunts that I am wanting to edit and make a DVD to give to friends and possibly pass out at tradeshows to hopefully "get noticed". Ultimately it would be a dream to be able to produce and sell some DVD's to help pay for my "hobby" which is hunting and filming my hunts. I have a Canon XH-A1

I am in need of some advice and guidance as I am very un-educated on the editing/production part. I am a fast learner and intuitive thinker, but this is an area that I am just about to get involved in.

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I just got a killer deal on the latest 15' 2.8 Ghz MacBook Pro. Core 2 Duo, 4G Ram. 500G 5400 Hard Drive. My question is; do I really need a 7200 internal drive as the OS drive for FCP? I will have a eSATA external drive for my video files. Do I spend $350 to upgrade my internal drive (authorized Mac repair, not to void the 3 yr warrenty) or do I spend that $$$ on upgrading to 8G Ram? Also I will not be doing any major editing... mostly 30 sec.-10min. web videos, no major effects, pretty basic stuff. Thanks in advance!

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I spent 2.5 years traveling the world and am off on another 6 - 18 month adventure shortly. This round, I've considered filming a travel documentary based on my overseas experiences. I've been into photography for ~15 years and have spent plenty of time in the darkroom and more recently transitioned to digital. I'd like to try my hand at film now but am having a hard time figuring out what I'll need to film a decent documentary. I've spent countless hours researching already, but need to start buying equipment soon as I head out in less than a month.

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Would the 17" definitely be better than the 15'?

How would you customize your Macbook Pro? MUST i max out to 8GB? I have an external hard drive at home for storage. Would be nice to have storage for about, I dunno, an hour worth of HD footage in the laptop so I don't have to schlep an external.

Fastest Macbook video card would make sense, obviously.

Any advice?


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Our school has purchased aMacbook Pro, along with a Panasonic
AG-HVX200P camcorder with a P2 card system through B & H. Both work fine
separately. However, when I hook up the system to load video, my
external G-Raid disappears from the screen, and the system does not
recognize the camera.I hope this is a simple fix, but I don't know what to do at this point. I
followed the Apple tutorial, but this hasn't helped things.

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