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Apple's Dedication to Professionals a Little More Certain

Apple's Dedication to Professionals a Little More Certain

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference was Monday, and everyone seems impressed with the newly announced Macbook Pros. While there was no mention of the venerable Mac Pro workstations, they did receive a bump in processing power. Over the past year, many in the industry have accused Apple of neglecting the professional market, with some even claiming that Apple wants to exit that space entirely.

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Hi Everyone

I am new to this. I need help purchasing a mac for video editing with FCP. I'm an aspiring video editor so befoe I invest in classes/training I need to get the equipment.

I was looking online for refurbished macs due to budget reasons however I didn't now whether or not to get mac pro or mac book pro.

what "specs" would be the best for editing and running FCP Studio 3?

Also what other things would I need to be efficient and productive as a freelance video editor?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi all, I have been filming outdoor turkey hunts for a few years now and have several hunts that I am wanting to edit and make a DVD to give to friends and possibly pass out at tradeshows to hopefully "get noticed". Ultimately it would be a dream to be able to produce and sell some DVD's to help pay for my "hobby" which is hunting and filming my hunts. I have a Canon XH-A1

I am in need of some advice and guidance as I am very un-educated on the editing/production part. I am a fast learner and intuitive thinker, but this is an area that I am just about to get involved in.

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I just got a killer deal on the latest 15' 2.8 Ghz MacBook Pro. Core 2 Duo, 4G Ram. 500G 5400 Hard Drive. My question is; do I really need a 7200 internal drive as the OS drive for FCP? I will have a eSATA external drive for my video files. Do I spend $350 to upgrade my internal drive (authorized Mac repair, not to void the 3 yr warrenty) or do I spend that $$$ on upgrading to 8G Ram? Also I will not be doing any major editing... mostly 30 sec.-10min. web videos, no major effects, pretty basic stuff. Thanks in advance!

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I spent 2.5 years traveling the world and am off on another 6 - 18 month adventure shortly. This round, I've considered filming a travel documentary based on my overseas experiences. I've been into photography for ~15 years and have spent plenty of time in the darkroom and more recently transitioned to digital. I'd like to try my hand at film now but am having a hard time figuring out what I'll need to film a decent documentary. I've spent countless hours researching already, but need to start buying equipment soon as I head out in less than a month.

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Would the 17" definitely be better than the 15'?

How would you customize your Macbook Pro? MUST i max out to 8GB? I have an external hard drive at home for storage. Would be nice to have storage for about, I dunno, an hour worth of HD footage in the laptop so I don't have to schlep an external.

Fastest Macbook video card would make sense, obviously.

Any advice?


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Our school has purchased aMacbook Pro, along with a Panasonic
AG-HVX200P camcorder with a P2 card system through B & H. Both work fine
separately. However, when I hook up the system to load video, my
external G-Raid disappears from the screen, and the system does not
recognize the camera.I hope this is a simple fix, but I don't know what to do at this point. I
followed the Apple tutorial, but this hasn't helped things.

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