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Hi I have a Red Scarlet and am in need of a new computer for editing 4k footage. I have mostly been looking between a more or less maxed out Imac 5k vs. a lower end Mac Pro with an upgraded graphics card. The specs are at the bottom if that helps. My question is is there a big enough difference between the quality of the Mac Pro over the Imac to be worth the extra money? Will I actually see much of a difference performance wise if I am editing big projects around an hour long with effects? Lastly, are there any recommended PC options that might be comparable and perhaps cheaper?

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I say I'm a newby, but I've actually been compiling some things over the past year. I am starting a videography buisness this coming year and hope to be transitioning out of my job as a therapist sometime mid to late 2012. My question is..."I have a lot of equipment right now and know that I am either lacking, or could upgrade, in various areas. What do you think would be a good way to start spending my money in regards to equipment purchases? (ie, back-up harddrives, faster computer, better camera, etc). Here is a list of what I have so far...

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I edit film with FCP and I have reached a point where I need a better computer. The Mac Pro I have now dates from 2006/2007 and is way to slow for my needs. The question now is: should I upgrade the computer I have or should I buy a new iMac or Mac Pro. I would appreciate any advice! I'm of course looking for the most cost effective solution.

This is what I have today:

Mac Pro

2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon


Hard-disk: 232,44 GB

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Hi Everyone

I am new to this. I need help purchasing a mac for video editing with FCP. I'm an aspiring video editor so befoe I invest in classes/training I need to get the equipment.

I was looking online for refurbished macs due to budget reasons however I didn't now whether or not to get mac pro or mac book pro.

what "specs" would be the best for editing and running FCP Studio 3?

Also what other things would I need to be efficient and productive as a freelance video editor?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I could use some quick help. I work on Mac Pro's at my job and have been looking for a relatively affordable option to edit at home. I have the chance to purchase a 6-8 month old Mac Pro (without monitor) with a 2.93 Xeon Quad for the same price (about $2400) as a new iMac 27" with ani7 quad. The 'used' machine also has four hard drives, 4GB RAM and Apple Care warranty. Which system would you suggest?

2 - 1.5 tb hard drives 2 - 500 gig hard drives all Seagate barracudas. all new within the last few months
4 gig ram


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