FanFilmFX Brings the Force to Plug-ins

FanFilmFX Saber Blade Plug-in in use in FCPX

Those waiting to see what kind of effects will be found in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will have to wait until they’re seated in the theaters and the movie starts. But for those looking to create their own "Star Wars" effects, FanFilmFX has created a series of "Star Wars" inspired plug-ins for use in Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.2.2, Adobe After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, and Apple Motion 5.1 on a Macintosh computer.

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I am one of those who has used a PC for almost 25 years and am leaning towards making the switch to Mac.  I am told they are far more stable and less prone to viruses vs. PCs.  But, they are about 50% more expensive than comparable ones.


What do you think?  Is it worth the extra $300-$400 bucks to get an Apple Notebook for video editing?

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I recently purchased the Sony NEX-VG10 and am really excited about it.  i have run into some serious problems capturing the footage, though.  I have a 2010 iMac, am running OSX 10.8.2  Mountain Lion and use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit.  I've discovered that the files on the camera are .MTS, a file format with which I am unfamiliar (not surprising, I'm not exactly a newb, but the past few months is the first time I've started editing seriously - I am more a writer/director/producer and could do basic stuff with FC7 and Prem Pro - now I own my own production company and am getting down to

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Hi folks, my HDV z1e Camcorder is not recognised by FCP 7.0.3 my iMac 10.6.8. I've been thro all the 'support' tried different cables etc etc etc. Told by Mac adviser the prob may be permanently out of date drivers etc etc. At wits end. What can I do? Is there other software that I can capture into and convert to HD QT movie for import into FCP?

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Hello fellow shooters and cutters,

a simple google search brought me nothing, so i thought i'd ask the pros!

what is going to happen tomorrow when my free trial of final cut x is up?

i can afford to purchase it at the end of the week, just wondering what will happen in-between.

thanks in advance, and i look forward to joining discussions on the boards.


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I have Adobe Premiere Pro (CS 5.5) on an iMac and a MacBook Pro. The iMac has 16 GB RAM, Intel i7 Core. The MBP has 8 GB, Core 2 Duo.

I put a project--including all media--on an external drive. One of the media files is a 1.1 MB m4a. I connected the drive (via FireWire) to the iMac, and opened the project. Everything ran fine. I then connected the drive to the MBP. Most of the project is OK, but running that one m4a (and its subclips) on the source monitor and the timeline plays a corrupted sound: it seems to skip about half.

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I recently bought a NX70 and I've been trying to import it on to my MAC. It came with a Content Management Utility disc but it only works on Windows. I am currently trying to get the videos off the machine; however, if I manually open it up from the files the video quality is TERRIBLE. It looked all washed out and the frames are lagging. Does anyone have a solve for this? Greatly appreciated!

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Hi folks. New member here. Is there much "Apple Computer/Software only" screencasting work out there? I've been producing tutorial software screencasts for a little over a year now. I occasionally runacrossa potential screencasting job requiring Mac software such as Final Cut Pro or ScreenFlow (posted requirements).

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Is there a way to key a Mac over the output of the Datavideo SE-800? I was wondering if you could take the FireWire 800 signal out of the switcher, into a Mac then through something like BoinxTV software to key CG/graphics on the Mac and combine that out of the Mac to air/record. Is that possible? What type(s) of interface coming out of the Mac would be able to transport the combined signal?

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Hi guys, I am a new chap here and having some issues importing my media on Premier. A bit of background I am using Mac 10.7.2 and Adobe Premier 5. Shot my media on a JVC GY-HM100U and it was ingested by copying the whole folder into my computer. My video is 1080 60i the .xml file says:


videoCodec="MPEG2_VBR35M_1920_1080_60I_MP@HL" ch="STEREO_2CH"



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