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I purchased this light kit:


after getting frustrated with all the DIY clamp lights, etc.  After assembling just one of these softboxes and turning on all 5 bulbs, I was amazed at how much light it produced. So I assembled two of the three softobxes and I need to use them to light a very small area, basically just a subject sitting in front of a wall in a 11x12 foot room.


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I would like your opinion on the best video lights for a white background. The effect that i want to achieve is the famous Apple white. I think i already managed to achieve good results, as you can see here


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I record meetings in a room that has fluorescent lighting ceiling fixtures. I have the opportunity to replace the ceiling lighting for a better quality picture. What would be the best type of ceiling lights for recording video? All video is captured at 24fps at 1080i.

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Hi Everyone, 


We are a small company from Scotland, that’s right we wear Kilts and drink an abundance of whisky. We’ve developed a brand new lighting system for content creators called The Scorpion Light. It’s a sweet multi-directional, clamp on to anything, battery powered, dimmable, super flexible, CRI>90 LED light. We are currently running a KickStarter Campaign and would love to hear some of your opinions or feedback. 


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I have been filming for many years but am certainly an amateur.  My grandson is a fantastic hockey player and everyone depends on me to take the videos and either give them out upon request or post on YouTube.  They all go on YouTube for the dad's to critcise (sorry kids).

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Hello everyone,
I'm fairly new to the video production game, and so far with regard to lighting, I've been using a set of three Redhead lights (all 800W) with dimmers. This seems to be absolutely ideal for using in a variety of situations as a 3-point system (key, fill and back lights), where I can use the dimmers to lessen the brightness of the lights according to the scene and the kind of effect I want to create.


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