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Hi there,


I have to do a lot of interviews at my job during the next months, and therefore need to buy some lights. I have to do both one and two person interviews, probably with white/grey backdrop. But my knowledge about is quite scanty. I guess I need lights for a three point setup, and maybe some light for the backdrop as well.


I already have two Lupoled 560 LED panels + some old spots. But that's all.


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I am a student and need to make a dance music video in a club scene.
I am going to be using a jvc hm100e, which is not that friendly to light.
So was just wondering if i am filming in a night club, with strobe lights and the room itself if painted black and quite dark, how to i get the clarity of the picture. I only have access to red head lights. but these are quite bright.
I have light dimming paper sheets. was thinking of bouncing the light of the celing.

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Hi everyone,

I am doing some videos (mainly talking head and interview type videos) and am not satisfied with the current light output. Currently, I use a setup of 110 watt fluorescent bulbs for the key and fill light and a 45 watt for the backlight. This isn't enough light for my needs.

What recommendations do you guys have who make videos?

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<span style="color: #000000; font-family: Verdana; font-size: small;" color="#000000" face="Verdana" size="2">I would like to know if there is a program, or how to create the effect of having a light blink at various points on a US map representing cities. So as I do a voice over mentioning different cities in the US, a light on a map will blink where that city is located. Then I want to create a beam of light effect connecting each city to the others. </span>

Pro Gear Highlight: Lowel V-Light

Pro Gear Highlight: Lowel V-Light

The Lowel V-Light is a small yet powerful lighting system that can be used for a variety of studio lighting applications. It can be used as a direct light source, as secondary source to fill up the shadows or to supplement the ambient and background light.

Pro Gear Highlight: Anton Bauer UltraDAYlight

Pro Gear Highlight: Anton Bauer UltraDAYlight

Good lighting can make the difference between a good result and a great result. Carrying additional lighting systems reduces the mobility of the crew and takes time. Portable lighting fixtures address these issues and provide both good lighting and mobility.

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i do reviews on YouTube on my channel MrExtremeTV

channel link :

You can see an example of my latest work on my YouTube channel

Now I do reviews and i was instructed to get more light into the video

Now I use two lights one big florescent one and a white light lamp

Also the ceiling florescent white light

All on a white background (note i am not willing to change background color)

My question is how do you I get more light in the video without getting shadow

Thank you

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I badly need help.

I got DV video camera(Mini DV) ,(old style but like tape) I recorded outdoor videos at night.

At the back there were lights which appeared in the video in front of public from top to bottom.(vertical). I wonder if there is any solution to remove that light?

Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi everybody,

Just a few words as introduction - I am quite active in photography, and also in wedding photography field. For having more flexibility during wedding photo sessions and for not being dependent from (sometimes not very optimal) ligt conditions, I recently decided to purchase a video light - and the light of my choice was Lowell id light.

May I please ask your experience with this light ? Are there any particular point // point of attention I should be aware of ?


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