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Anyone try wide-angle attachments & mods like the one discussed here?


I'm thinking of getting one for my new Zi8 that's about to come soon. But I thought I'd post here to see what you all think?

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Bought last year on BH new, its the OVS-FE3X-DVX Century Optics .3x ultra fisheye lens for DVX bayo mount cameras. The glass is FLAWLESS! pictures will be send to serious buyers. like i said, glass is flawless and pictures really dont do justice but will provide with photo and legitimacy contact information within the photo. Im looking to get around $500 for it... its worth much more as we all know but figured at such a good price i could sell it quick

What DSLRs Need to Become a True Camcorder Replacement

What DSLRs Need to Become a True Camcorder Replacement

Oh, how times have changed. Just two short years ago, I was shooting on a Panasonic HVX200, previewing my footage on a Marshall monitor, and using a G35 lens adapter in order to achieve depth of field. These were wretched times in which one was forced to make a choice between quality and speed.

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I ran across this video from the team at Zacuto as they had some filmschool students put together an experimental rig using the Canon 7D with a Panavision Prime lens. This is definitely more for the Advanced Pro's, but I think any true 'Gear Geek' could spare a few centiliters of drool over the potential of this setup. It'll be nice to see what they shot with this rig!

Zacuto custom rig for Panavision + Canon 7D setup from Zacuto USA, Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

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OK this would normally not be so difficult but in this case, it is.

I have a household camera - Canon Zr500. Picked it up cause it was the only small camcorder I could find with an external mic port.

I also have a Raynox HD-5000Pro wide angle lens. It comes with a bunch of adapter rings and it fit on several previous home camcorders I had before this except for my current Zr500.

You would think Canon would know what the lens size is but noone there could tell me what the lens size is.

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Hey, I own a Panasonic AG-HVX200. Somebody asked me this today, and made me curious...

With this camera, of course there is a manual zoom mode, which allows free movement of the zoom ring for quick snap-zooms. But also, when you set it to Servo, you are still able to manually zoom with the ring, it's just a little stiffer. The question is, does it harm the mechanics of the zoom lens to operate it by the ring when its set to Servo Zoom mode?

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Can someone help me answer a question? I own the Sony FX7; and the instruction manual says that the camera should not be pointed directly at the sun, and that doing so can result in damage to the unit. But lots of videos have shots of the sun in them. In fact, videomaker's Tips and Tricks has an instructional video on shooting the sun. Is there really a risk of damaging my camera? If so, what needs to be done to prevent the damage? Thanks!


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