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Hi there !
I need to shoot a video that will be shoot completely during night in front of a Bar. I've a 18mm-200mm and I'm not that expert with photography. For having a good quality video, what do you suggest me to do ? Do I have to rent a different lens, do I need some lighting?
Your help is really appreciated,
Thank you very much,
Simone Mascagni

Clean Your Lens! A Quick Tip for New Shooters

Clean Your Dang Lens! A Quick Tip for New Shooters
Here's a quick and easy tip for the next time you pack up your gear for a shoot. Don't neglect your lenses! It's easy enough to make sure the lens cap is on, and keeping your camera in it's case is surely standard practice, but it's quite possible that during your last shoot, some dust managed to make its way to the surface of your glass. That's why, before you leave the shop, make sure you have a lens pen and some microfiber cloth.
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This lens is brand new. we've opened the package just once. it also comes with full accessories.
Designed for use with Nikon digital SLR cameras including the D5000, D90, D300s, and D700

Focal length of 105-300mm on Nikon DX SLR cameras

Vibration Reduction allows in-focus shots with longer exposure times (up to four shutter speeds slower)

contains seven ED (extra-low dispersion) lens elements for high resolution and contrast

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just found this video from Ryan Walters. It's a great primer to getting to know your camera. It really gets deep into the difference between slr lens and cinema lenses and why you use a matte box. Check it out.


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Hi Guys
I've just upgraded to a Canon 600d and wondered if someone could give me a straight forward answer about which lens to choose for film, without all the indepth technical stuff. (Cheaper the better, because i'm still learning).

I'm after makes/models that will fit the Canon 600d with links if possible.

Cheers in advance

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<p class="text">
<p class="first">Hey all, I was just wanting to get some
feedback from people about my options for choice of lenses on my FS100.
Basically I have been using it with the kit zoom lense since purchase,
but I just feel like it is not making the camera "sing" like I want it
to. I do corporate shoots / promos / and small TVC's. I am really after
some lenses that will help me take advantage of the 35mm sensor,
increase that shallow DOF look, and be reasonable quality at the same

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Im seriously considering purchasing the Eos canon 7D. But I'm concern with the crop factor thats associated with the 7d. From my research this can be an issue depending on the type of lens, because it can hinder the full potential of the lens. Can anyone assist me with a better insight on which would be a better lens for this particular model.


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