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Hey guys,


I'm pretty new with DSLR shooting, I have a Panasonic GH4 with a 12-35 Lumix X Lens,


My questions for all fellow videographers is:


What Lenses are great for anamorphic filmmaking (1.33x SLR Magic) when you have a low budget? ($1,000~$1,500 without the SLR Magic)


I'm looking at either the Nikon speedbooster or the canon speedbooster, which is best for the GH4 and does the Nikon speedbooster effect workflow with it being a passive adapter? (I like manually adjusting everything)


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Hey Videomaker community!


I'm looking for a decent prime lens for my T2i with a nice, low f-stop.  My price range is around $100.  I've shopped around on Amazon, but not found anything to my liking.  You guys are amazing, please point me in the right direction!

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Hi. I am wondering what kind of lens does the narrow range focus where the rest of the field is blurred. It's a technique (surely manual) that is used quite a bit these days (sometimes overused). An example is in this You Tube video where they pan through details in the interior of the Ferrari. I have several video cameras, but I was wondering what general type of lens does this.



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