Vizio Reference Series HDR Displays Aim to Redefine the Color Space


The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood saw a guest unlike any previously seen: the 120-inch 4K Ultra HD Reference Series HDR display with Dolby Vision support. On display in the “HDR Lounge,” this and the 65-inch model were not just being presented, but provided demonstrations as to the changes brought on by new technologies, redefining the level of picture quality now available for home viewing.

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Hello. I'm thinking about purchasing some LED lights. I'm a beginner and don't know really where to start. I will use them to shoot interviews. My issue is that I don't know how much power(if that is the right term) they should be. My goal is for my interviews to be lit like the example I'm providing. Can some of you chime in on how I can achieve my goals?


example: http://www.makers.com/marin-alsop



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Just wondering if anyone uses or has used this sort of kit, where you attach an LED light ring to your lens (some are switchable green/blue) and it throws just enough light not to affect the talent, but brightens the reflective screen behind them so that the camera picks it up as greenscreen or bluescreen.


Zylight Unveils Ultra-Thin F8 LED Fresnel

Zylight F8 LED

Zylight new F8 LED Fresnel is a compact lighting instrument that collapses to less than four inches thick for easy transport and storage and delivers all the performance of a traditional Fresnel lighting instrument in a much more energy efficient design.


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