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Hello Everyone,


I am working on directing and producing a documentary that will have two on-screen narrators. So I am looking for a dual wireless lavalier mic, with two conditions. First, I am looking for a low-cost solution (Under $350), and also I would prefer one not made in China, as my experience with gear made in China has not been good. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find what I need? Or should I simply use two individual wireless mics and run them through a mixer? Thanks!

One Microphone Every Videographer Should Own

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your video is to improve your audio. That means choosing and using the right mic. If you can afford a host of microphones, fill your gear bag to the brim with them and use whichever mic makes the most sense on the set. But what if you could only have one? Which mic makes the best all-around, multi-purpose utility tool for producers?

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Recording audio is a great mystery to many people. "What mic is best?" There's no easy answer because each setup is different and requires different mic types and different audio capturing needs. Your audio setup will change with every shoot. But understanding the microphone pickup patterns will help you pick up the best mic for any situation without too much brain drain.
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Hi, this is my first post. I recently started a YouTube channel, and realized that iPhone audio isn't exactly the best. The videos we take are of social expirements. We go up to people at random, and do a random awkward thing. This is where I am having trouble. I can't have a boom mic hanging over the 'unsuspecting person' for obvious reasons. So I am left with either a wireless or wired lav mic.

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I searched the forums and didn't find any comprehensive thread about the best wind muff's out there. I saw the one I'd like on BH for $25... for ONE. So maybe that's what I'll have to do.

BUT, I wanted to check in with you guys to see what you use for lavalier wind muffs and what you're thoughts are.

Should I just find a cheap one as they all work the same? Or drop the 1/4 of a Franklin for a small piece of fuzzy material?

I'm looking at this one:

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Tell me if this is just plain dumb or not. I've just upgraded my wireless lavalier mics to a mid-level unit and thought I would just feed the available 1/4" unbalanced output from the interviewee mic through an adapter for a micro jack directly to my VG20 (adjusting the volume controls on the
wireless receiver). I'm simultaneously using a VG10 for a B track and would feed my own mic. to that. I'm using PP5 in the CS5.5 Master Collection. Just missed out on a portable Azden mixer on eBay though. I
thought I'd get more control over the audio going into the camera with it. I

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I'm trying to find the best quality wireless lav receiver and transmitter for under $500. Any chance?

Please send links. So far my research on this has had me in circles.

I'll be doing everything from yoga dvd videos, to interviews, to commercials, etc. I'll need to use both at once.



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