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I have a Rode NTG-2 that i use for interviews that works really great.

But I would now like to add a lav mic system for more run and gun stuff and situations where boom pole is not a great choice.


Can anybody recommend a lav mic system that produces a similar sound to the Rode NTG-2? My budget is under a thousand dollars and ideally I would like a 2 lav mic system. We currently record to a Tascom DR-40.


Also, I usually order everything from B&H, but they are closed for another week. Wheres the best place to buy the equipment you recommend?

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Hello all. This is my first post. I am a legal videographer who is going to shoot a short film soon with my Sony FX1. Regarding locationaudio(mostly in moving vehicals), is it possible to use one(or more)of my Sony ECM-44B lav mics as a boom mic and run them into my Beachtek XLR adapter, then into my VX-2100 as separate audio? I have a Shure SCM268 4 channel mic mixer, but we'll be a car most of the time.

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