Squadrone System Launch HEXO+ The World’s First Autonomous Drone

HEXO+ the world’s first autonomous drone
Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Squadrone System has launched the HEXO+, which the company claims is the world’s first autonomous drone. The HEXO+ drone can take off, follow and frame its user while filming with predetermined camera movements before landing safely.
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Hi. I've just launched my first Kickstarter campaign for a satirical web series I created that plays on Batman as a grumpy old man.

My question is what tips do other people who have successfully crowdfunded their films have to best promote my campaign?

Also, any comments on what I could have done better on my campaign page welcome (could always use this info for next time)!


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A video production company approached me to write a script for a 3 minute Kickstarter campaign video. I can't find anywhere online what to charge for such a thing. Any ideas? They are pushing a physical product, but I do not have any more details at this point. Thanks!

VGHS - Kickstarts Season Two with an Achievement

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Video Game High School (VGHS) is set for a second season thanks to more than $800,000 pledged to start the massively popular series. That makes it the most funded Film & Video project on Kickstarter. The series combines the elements of first person shooting games with teen drama. There is plenty of comedy, essentially the same formula that Rocket Jump has excelled with and will seek to build upon in season two.

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground
Or on the ground in this case. Paul Jackson is has introduced a new product on Kickstarter he's calling the ZipShooter. It's looks kind of like a mini-tripod with wheels, but in this case, the legs are jointed, and the ball -head is reversible, and able to hang from underneath the dolly (or maybe it's the legs that bend backwards. These types of surface dollies are nothing terribly new, but the versatility of this device looks extremely useful.
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