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VGHS - Kickstarts Season Two with an Achievement

webpage screenshot of two guys with military gear and a large explosion

Video Game High School (VGHS) is set for a second season thanks to more than $800,000 pledged to start the massively popular series. That makes it the most funded Film & Video project on Kickstarter. The series combines the elements of first person shooting games with teen drama. There is plenty of comedy, essentially the same formula that Rocket Jump has excelled with and will seek to build upon in season two.

CES 2013 - The snappgrip Turns Phones Into Compact Cameras

mobile phone with a white attachment to look like a compact camera

You know you do it - you use your phone's camera for video. We couldn't help but read about write about at least one phone accessory at CES 2013. The snap-on peice does require a snappgrip case. A photography app and Bluetooth allow the control to go from grip to camera, and the whole accessory is powered via an internal battery that must be charged through a Micro USB cable.

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground

Help Get the ZipShooter Camera Dolly Project Off the Ground
Or on the ground in this case. Paul Jackson is has introduced a new product on Kickstarter he's calling the ZipShooter. It's looks kind of like a mini-tripod with wheels, but in this case, the legs are jointed, and the ball -head is reversible, and able to hang from underneath the dolly (or maybe it's the legs that bend backwards. These types of surface dollies are nothing terribly new, but the versatility of this device looks extremely useful.