edelkrone's QuickReleaseONE Lets You Say Goodbye to Quick Release Plates

edelkrone QuickReleaseONE

Quick release plates, instead of living up to their name, can often cause delays for their users. Since each company designs their own unique plate for use, attaching and detaching them and keeping them at hand for use has required more time and effort than it should when it comes to changing plates. edelkrone's QuickReleaseONE solves this problem.

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Hey. So I have a Canon XHA1, and we've built a home-made jib to make some budget crane shots to add to our production value. In order to be able to move the camera appropriately on said jib, I bought a little monitor that lots of people seem to like (Lilliput 7" LCD monitor), which has HDMI input. Unfortunately, the XHA1 has kind of weird outputs that I didn't know what to do with, and when I've taken the camera and monitor to various camera and digital stores, they don't know what kind of cabling I'd need. Does anyone have a similar set-up and know how I can make this work?

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Hello, I'm looking to get a glideshot 4ft job but I cannot afford the shipping from the us and I live in the uk. Anybody know anywhere in the uk where they are available, thank you.

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots

Shooting Tip: Be Bold With Your Camera Shots
When I'm on a shoot, I constantly think about what tool can take a camera shot from ordinary to extraordinary. There are some really great camera accessories out there that can help you achieve that exact goal. Who doesn't want to glide along the dolly track for that smooth shot, or throw on that stabilizer and get a great follow shot? Many times, just keeping your shot steady on a tripod can separate a beginner from a pro. However, relying too heavily on the tools in your arsenal can actually restrict your options.
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Barely used, and by barely I mean twice, CobraCrane Backpacker. I purchased it and tested it our at my house. I then took it with my on a video production and used it one time to make a commercial. But then my production went a different direction and I never used it again. If interested please email me at bobby@cooldaddyslickbreeze.com.

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Having some tests at the local town park

Shot with a Panasonic NV DS-11 Mini-DV camcorder

with a 52mm threaded 'Round' lens hood(that's a huge mistake as you will see in the video)

Edited in Sony Vegas increased a bit of contrast

pros here do let me know where/what can i improve on.

btw i don't have any external monitor and turned out i've got no idea what exactly i'm filming. lol.


cheers all!

Homemade Pan-&-Tilt Jib under $60

Homemade Pan-&-Tilt Jib under $60
Want to get those hard to reach shots that only a jib can provide? Is there not enough money in your pocket to afford to purchase one at a store? Well, heres a solution that might be just what youve been looking for.


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