DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera Has Arrived

The DxO Camera replaces the iPhone's camera

DxO thinks your iPhone or iPad camera needs some help. Their solution is the DxO One Professional Quality Connected Camera, a pocket-sized camera able to connect directly through your phone's lightning connector and provide for high resolution images through a high quality 32mm equivalent aspherical f/1.8 lens and a 1-inch sensor.

iOgrapher makes iPad Filmmaking a Snap

iOgrapher for iPad with optional shotgun microphone

The App Store is flooded with cool apps to help the budding tablet Spielberg, but the iPad itself doesn't lend itself to stable shots or external peripherals...or does it?

The Swiss Army Tool for Video Producers

Photo of an iPad and DSLR camera
One of the best things about the tools of the video trade getting smaller is the portability for run and gun shooters. Nowadays, even a tablet can be your go-to studio-in-hand for planning, shooting, editing and collaboration — anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Keeping your Gear Water Safe

Keeping your Gear Water Safe

It's summertime and that means fun in the sun and near the water. But water and electronic devices dont mix so what are you to do? Many of us are lost if were not tethered to our smartphone and connectivity doesn't always have to stop just because the conditions get wet.

A Brief Look Into Video Editing for Mobile Devices

A Brief Look Into Video Editing for Mobile Devices
Video making has never been more accessible than in todays mobile world. Almost every digital device, from music players to smart phones, can shoot video. With the increase in video capture, we have also seen a growth in video editing software, especially for mobile devices. We took a walk around the Internet and found quite a few video editing apps.


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