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I run an educational program that teaches beginning video production among other things, and we'd like to get an external microphone for our Canon DSLR. Something incredibly versatile would benecessary. We record bands as well as interviews, indoor and outdoor.

Here's a link to a concert we did. I was pleased with the actual footage, I'd like to upgrade the sound quality. Usually a feed out of the sound system isn't an option.

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Hello there! I am just starting to build my own business and started to invest on some equipment for video production. I have a potential client that wants me to do a couple of interviews (5-6 people) and have one of them speak while walking and showing the venue. They are a business group that has been here in my area for a long time now.

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 Am building a video business of which part will be interviewing family members. I'm looking at buying UHF wireless lavaliers coupled wired to a dual-input field recorder, either a Zoom or Tascam. Rather than buying two wireless lavaliers would it be better (and cheaper) to just set up the field recorder in front of the subjects?

                                                                          Thanks in adv.


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Jim Nicholson contributed an article to the video production and marketing blog E.C. Come, E.C. Go sharing why he joined the popular global branding and marketing program focused on helping people tell, preserve and share their favorite stories and memories on video. Might be an interesting read from someone actually in the trenches.

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I've just been watching some professional documentaries, and wondering how they are doing sound for interviews, particularly when there are conversations going on. Once in a while I thought I saw a lavalier mike clipped to someone's shirt, but more often not. Shotgun? Maybe. But what happens when you have, say, people sitting around a table, or a family in their living room talking to each other? Six shotgun mikes? And does a shotgun really give you the quality I've been hearing? Case in point: "45365."

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Im editing a video for a local school's band, and am now in the process of doing interviews with some of its members. I am shooting using a Panasonic AGHMC170 in 1440x1080 HD, then downconverting to 720x480 NTSC DV Widescreen as the rest of the footage is this way. However, NTSC DV Wide takes up too much space, and the interviews are about 20 mins.

What high-quality format can I use that's smaller but will still prove easy to edit?I was thinking maybe MPEG2 DVD, or some sort of MP4? Thanks!

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Do you have any suggestions, tips and tricks for conducting unscripted, candid & extemporaneous interviews midst the hectic bustle of professional conferences?

**Along with your other remarks, of specific interest is: how did you handle lighting?

Soon,Im going to be shooting field interviewsduring a professional conference held at aConference Center atan upscale property in Silicon Valley.


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