HP Announces Entry Level Workstations Targeted at Video Editors

HP Z240 Tower and Z240 SFF Workstations

Last week, HP announced the HP Z240 Tower and Z240 SFF Workstations which are designed to meet the needs of users who require the reliability of a workstation at the price point of a desktop PC. With a next generation Intel® processor and HP Z Turbo Drive option the Z240 is ideal for customers in the video editing, MCAD/AEC and image viewing industries.

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I work for an IT company, and I can get some deep discounts on HP hardware because of our HP partnership.

I'm looking to invest in an entry-level NLE system that will be sufficient for entry-level video and/or motion graphics editing for at least two years.

The system in question:

HP Z420

-3.6 QC Xeon processor


-UPGRADE to 500GB 10K boot drive

-UPGRADE to 2x2TB 7.2K media drives (raid 1)

-UPGRADE to GeForce GTX 570 2.56GB Graphics Card

2x HP 24" IPS monitors

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Last year I tossed out HP's Z800 Workstation for the PC guys to drool over. Well it just got better and though it's out of the price range of many of VM's readers, the Z800 is now faster, more efficient power-wise, quieter and is not any more expensive than the original model!

For the serious gearheads on the forums the new Z800 has shucked off the twin Nehalem Quadcores and put on a pair of Westmere Six Core 3.33 GHz processors (yes, I said '6' cores.) There's much more but I won't spoil the 'drool factor'. Take a look at the article at Studio Daily for a look at the new HPZ800.


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