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"Virtual Studios" and "Bix's Photo Book" have been successfully used in a video about some sporty teenagers from Saint-Petersburg.

I'd like to share the material as an example of using the products by Outerspace Software.

A link to the official web site with the material and comments:


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Okay here's my dilemma. I was updating my resume reel, and I have a lot of footage that I have shot in 4:3 standard definition over the past year with the local community cable channel (for example I just shot the local Junior A Hockey Team's home opener this past Sunday) and there were a couple of shots that I wanted to incorporate into my resume reel. Unless you create a show yourself and shoot with an HD camera, the mobile truck and it's camera's are still set for Stanadard Definition broadcast, so these shots are not 10 or more year old shots.

Blackmagic Releases DaVinci Resolve 12 as a Free Public Beta

Blackmagic Design releases DaVinci Resolve 12 free beta
Those longing for the features of Blackmagic Design’s (nearly) $1,000 DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio take heart — the Resolve 12 version is now available as a free public beta. Compatible with Mac and PC, this is a professional editing system for projects in standard-, high- and ultra HD-definition and its enhanced color correction and finishing capabilities was first described at the NAB show earlier this year.
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I don't use my camcorder often for business... but I'm ready to upgrade my 3CCD NTSC to something HD.  Unfortunately, I don't really have a budget.  I have found a very good price on a Samsung HMX camcorder, but it doesn't have a microphone input. 


2 Questions


1-If I buy the Samsung anyway, how would you recommend to record a person's mic to sync up with the video?


2-Is there another HD camera at $150 or less with a Mic input?



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I'm selling my hmc40, it has low hours and is in excellent condition. The extras include an Opteka fisheye, Audio technica condenser microphone, tripod, and a Panasonic 8gb sdhc card. It also comes with all the original accessories which are the HMC handbook, remote, battery charger/ adapter, rca cables, etc. I recently upgraded to DSLR so I no longer need this and I want to see it get used rather than collect dust. Asking $1,000 for everything, email me if interested. teachinknowledge@yahoo.com


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