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Best of CES 2016: G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle XL

hard drive enclosure open and closed

The G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle XL gets it done. You want 24TB of storage, the Shuttle XL is there. You want 64TB of storage at Thunderbolt 2 speed, you got it.

Pegasus2 R2+ Wins Best Storage Device at NAB 2015

2-bay hard drive enclosure
The Pegasus2 R2+ is designed to bring data together from Thunderbolt-connected devices, Windows computers, and through USB 3.0. The hot swappable 2-bay enclosure gives versatility or added protection by supporting RAID 0 and RAID 1. The Pegasus2 R2+ is the Best Storage Device at NAB 2015.
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Hi guys,


Looking to record long events (ice hockey games) using my Canon 600d DSLR (i know, not ideal, but as of now, I can't afford anything else), but don't know how to record the footage onto a hard drive rather than numerous SD cards to garuntee that recording isnt going to stop as the card is full. Is there a way to my 600d upto my macbook pro and record it through that?


Thanks in advance.

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my canon GL1 has been sitting lonely on a shelf for a few years now. i never liked having to do video capture in order to get the video into my pc which is probably one of the reasons i gave up on video as a hobby - that is until digital camcorders that could record to sdhc came on the scene. since then, i've been rekindling my hobby since it is so each to get video into the pc now. but, i still wish i could find some use for my GL1 without breaking the bank. does anyone know if any of these things are possible and how to do it

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I am looking to buy a Notebook core i7 for AVCHD editing.

The Toshiba Qosmio X500-014 sold here in Canadahas all the specs I want:


core i7

2x 500 Gb hard drives (HOWEVER at 5400 rpm ???)


display full HD 1080 p

Windows 7 Home

120 Watt power adaptor

Does anyone know if running hard drive at 5400 rpm matters or not for AVCHD editing?

Thank you,


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I am looking to upgrade from a sony pro-sumer mini dv to a professional model Canon BUT as technology seems to be moving away from tape, I was hoping to find a model that would record to hard drive. Canon does not seem to offer the pro models with a hard drive, only mini hd tape. What would be the best route for me to go to get high quality images with ease of inputting for editing?


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