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The Day after Halloween: What were the Best Displays?

Happy day after Halloween!  This is widely regarded as the best day of the year because today's the day that you get to eat all the candy you collected last night.  If you went out trick or treating, you probably got to see some pretty innovative Halloween displays last night.  Some people like to build their own costumes, but there's no doubt that creativity doesn't stop there: Lots of people who decide to hand out candy like to go that extra mile to scare and thrill anyone who comes to coll

The 2008 campaign in viral video

The 2008 campaign in viral video
JibJab has been a rite of passage for political campaigns (particularly presidential politics) for years, but there's a lot of recent talk about the effect of Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin generating some of the highest ratings that Saturday Night Live has had in years... and, similarly, some rather amazing traffic figures for NBC's web site.