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So I have an annoying problem:
-In adobe premiere, I've been exporting my videos in a high quality format:
*H.264 codec at 40 Target/Maximum bitrate at 40 MBPS
*VBR 2 pass
*Render at Maximum depth checked
*Use maximum render quality checked

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I am having some trouble with codecs and compression when I am outputting in Final Cut Pro Studio 7.

I transfer all my .mts files to Apple ProRes 422, and proceed to edit. When I am done with the edit and ready to output, I generally select h.264 but sometimes I use Mpeg 4. When I output my video looks a little pixelated and not near as sharp as others that use h.264. I might be overlooking a setting when I export, hence the question here in the forum.



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I wish I could be a little more specific, but apparently, this is the only way I get responses. It's aboutweb players in specification to their formats, so I could have just titled it "mac vs. pc" (which is what I'm going to try next time). I am unable to save WMV files in Vegas Pro without getting a dropout, so all of my luck seems to be going H.264.

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Time and again (or maybe it was only once), I've tried exporting H.264 (AVC) format in widescreen using Sony Vegas Pro 9. When I playback video in QuickTime, the video is always 4:3 - no letterboxing, just asquish from 16:9 to 4:3. Is '1.3' the correct 'pixel aspect ratio' for exporting H.264 in widescreen, or is this a limitation of the player version I am using? If not, how do I export H.264 video in widescreen?

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Most of the time I export to FLV/FL4V in PP-CS4 and that works pretty well. Even so there are so many options in the preset category that I keep trying different ones. I upload to TubeMogul.com that does some transcoding and crossposting to a variety of server sites, so I don't need to worry much about the specifics.

But - I'm not really happy with the quality of the viewing on some of the sites.

Question 1 - is there a preferred/best Format/Preset for Youtube HD?

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I am looking to create an Internet TV Channel for a customer. We are producing all the video material and plan to enconde new and existing videos to FLV and H.264. Today I received an E-Mail offering the "Simple Web TV" hosted software http://www.simple-webtv.com for creating video portals and WebTVs. Does anybody know anything about it?



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I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro and rendered an hour long video in both H.264 and MPEG4. When played in a PS3, the H264 played for about 20 minutes then started getting jerky; became un-watchable. The MPEG4 copy worked fine.

I've never had much sucess with H.264 - either in rendering, and now in playing the DVD.

Anyone have any suggestions on other settings with H264, like frame rate?



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