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Howdy! A buddy and I recently shot this short. We used a green screen set up. I lit the green screen up really well, and put decent light on the subjects. In the hair and beard you can see some green bleeding through, and sometimes the green reflects off of different objects in the foreground. Subjects are about 10 feet from the screen. I'm shooting on a Panasonic HMC-150. Anybody got any suggestions to suppress green spillage? Thanks!

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As one of the many Pro and Intermediate Gurus here in the forums, I've given tons of tips and advice to tons of Amateur and newbie videomakers. It's always cool to find an Amateur or Intermediate who has the chops to put out good info that even we pro's can find useful. Here's a vid by Dave Dugdale on 'How to Greenscreen with Adobe Premiere CS5'.

How to Key Green Screen DSLR Footage in Premiere Pro CS5 from Dave Dugdale on Vimeo.

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I would like to produce videos with chromakey (blue-or greenscreen).

the video should be a virtual citytour.

the background is preproduced, and the people will just sit on a bench infront of the greenscreen.

it should look like the people are sitting in a truck driving through the city.

for my understanding, the video with the citytour should be played in the keyedout background and the truck (car) has to be an overlay ontop of everything so that it looks like the people are sitting in the truck.

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I have been reading as much as I can on greenscreen and techniques, and I watched the tutorials already. I see some other greenscreen threads out there, but I don't want to hijack anyone else's thread, and when I got too far afield on a different thread, I was advised to start a new one.


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