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take this useful pre-keyed stuff for action movies, check this out.

These footage is perfect for: action movies, shooting scenes, gang wars, war scenes and other gun based scenes.

All bullet hole archived files have two versions of footage: with alpha channel(already pre-keyed – transparent) and green screened.

Download HD bullet holes footage for free, here:

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So I have a small great room where I have a 5-point lighting setup. 2 in the front (LED) lighting the subject, 2 (CFL) in the back that are lighting the screen evenly (looks great) and a small (LED) backlight above the screen to backlight the subject with a minus green. I set this up so that I can shoot videos in there (eventually I'd like to do interviews and such as well with more than one person).

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I have an old Canon Elura60 camcorder.  Its NOT HD.  I am making some green videos mostly for fun and I am well aware I do not have the equipment or skill to have a perfect outcome.


However I would like to get the best I can, and need help setting the camera as I do not know which settings to select.  The available settings are limited:


1. Shutter Speed

2. shutter - On or Off?

3. Dzoom - Off I know!

4. Img Stab - On or Off?

5. 16:9 On or Off?

6. White bal - Auto, Set, Indoor, Outdoor?


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