GoPro mount

CES 2014 Best Support: Steadicam Curve

blue handheld stabilizer with action camera and award

The Steadicam Curve is a handheld stabilizer that is specifically made for GoPro cameras. The Curve has an adjustable counterweight, with fine-tuning for the right balance ...

CES 2014 Most Innovative Award: Jigabot AIMe

robotic module on a tripod and an award

The Jigabot AIMe is an automated camera controller that can compose a shot to keep you in frame. AIMe uses a beacon called EmIT which can be tracked by multiple AIMes, despite being a small 2-inch square.

Waterproof at CES 2014: Quik Pod DSLR/POV Ultra and Quik Pod Explorer 3

pole with handle and camera

The pole for your camera is getting better and better with the Quik Pod DSLR/POV Ultra and Quik Pod Explorer 3. These are easy ways to get a self portrait and a better perspective of your action. Though this type of camera support has been around for some time now, seeing the updated versions is pretty cool.

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