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Two or three GoPro 3 units and virtually ANY other decent HD camcorder in your war chest and you have what you need for a powerful video production environment. Seems like a producer could just about create any kind of video production s/he wants with these units, even spice up the life of relatively static, mundane, boring everyday events.

I've rethunk my immediate future camera purchasing budget plans to 3 3's and a Canon Vixia series instead of two of anything else in the $3K and higher category.

Here AirDog, Good Drone

Airdog Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Cameras

Drones are great for getting aerial shots, provided you can keep the camera aimed where it needs to be. Enter AirDog, the Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Cameras, which doesn't expect or depend on an operator keeping it in line. AirDog lives up to the loyal nature of its namesake by following its owner, who is wearing on his/her wrist the digital controller called the AirLeash.

GoPro Buzzing Into the Consumer Drone Industry

GoPro plans to release their own drone late in 2015

The Wall Street Journal reported today that action cam juggernaut, GoPro, will be launching a line of consumer drones late next year. The drones will reportedly be multi-rotor helicopters designed to carry high-def cameras, much like current drone manufacturers, such as DJI and Parrot.

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Dear VideoMakers,

I am planning this winter to record my first ski videos to promote the launch of a really cool website!  I have no experience in photography and even less in videomaking.

From what I understand, smartphones can be enhanced with stabilizers, extra lenses and video editing apps to make some pretty awesome videos.  

I am on a tight budget and would like some help to choose the best video recording device for my project (ski videos).   


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