Lens Whacking In Motion

Lens Whacking just got a bit more interesting.. and mobile as Digital agency 15four explains their technique for lens whacking while using a body harness rig.
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Hello Videomaker community!

I've been looking around for a camera stabilizer and I was wondering what your opinions on the Steddiepod was?

Does anyone else have one?

I came across it at the WEVA expo last week and was blown away by the low price versatility and function of it!

Here's a demo video:

Would love to hear other opinions!


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Hi there,

We're looking to buy CANON J22 X 7.6 TELE ZOOM and steady/Glide Cam.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Shahid Aziz


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<h2>CANON J22 X 7.6 TELE ZOOM</h2>

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Glidecam X-10 Dual Support Arm Stabilizer Vest System for Glidecam 2000 or 4000 pro in MINT CONDITION - $1500

Includes all original weights and manual. Pics available upon request. Paypal preferred. Shipping not included. Purchased March 2009

Click here for more info.

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I am a wedding videographer and am looking at purchasing either a Glidecam HD-2000 or 2000 pro. There is a $200 price difference between the two, so I'm trying to figure out why the HD series is so much more expensive (if it's worth it). Also, does anyone know how often upgrades to this series are released? I don't want to buy the HD if they're going to upgrade in April.


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