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Hey everybody,


This link is to an indiegogo campaign a few fellow students, and I, started a day ago.


I'm not here asking for your money, rather, I'm looking for feedback on the campaign, and the story, as we have presented it. Thoughts when you see the campaign? Any blatant flaws? Things we should work on fixing, in your eyes? Any input is good. It's early in our campaign, and the pre-production of this series, so there's time for change, and improvement. 

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Greetings fellow video people. I'm new here, so please forgive me if I'm not posting this in the right place.

Here's my question: I recently completed production on a short testimonial video clip for a client in Switzerland. Without going into the whole cross-border thing (as my company is based in the US), I wondered about what rights I now have to this video piece I produced.

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Hi, what I wonder is, when I do the final rendering in Sony Vegas, does that video file go under the licensing terms of the software it was created by? More specifically, what license agreements or terms does the video I just created go under?

If anyone wants to know, I'm wondering this because I then upload these videos to youtube and earn money on the videos. To be able to do that I need the commercial rights to the video.

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I have a client that wants to use the Steeler's logo throughout their production. It is for a local commercial in the Pittsburgh area, and I need to know if this is legal or not. If it is not, how do I go abut getting permission for using this logo? Do i contact the NFL or the Steelers? I am completely ignorant on this issue. Any advice will be great!



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