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Free Report: Choosing the Right Camera

We live in an amazing time for video producers of all sorts and sizes. A short while ago, quality video production was possible for the few with very deep pockets. Today, affordable options abound, with a plethora of camera choices, as well as lighting and audio equipment, editing software and hardware, and training opportunities.

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Can You Catch Ghosts on Video?

Can You Catch Ghosts on Video?

We're all curious about the strange, the unexplained, the unknown... Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that there's something fascinating about the thought that there might be things in this world beyond mortal ken. That's why so many people have dedicated themselves to cataloging and investigating strange phenomena like ghosts and spirits.

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I'm thinking of upgrading from a GH2 (great low light camera for me so far) to a dedicated video camera because:

-need XLR input

-dual sd card or backup recording

-longer battery life

-easier focus (shallow depth of field not required)

So I was thinking of either

-Sony NEXVG20H + XLR adaptor like a beachtek (larger chip, but f/3.5 stock lens)

-Panasonic AC130 (smaller 3mos chips but f/1.6 lens)


budget is about $3,000.

Make Professional Grade Video the First Time You Pick Up a Camera

Make Professional Grade Video the First Time You Pick Up a Camera

What if you could make professional grade video the first time you picked up a camera? Videomaker's new free report "8 Tips for a Stellar First Video" will show you how to become a better videographer on your first shoot. Maybe you've wanted to make video for a while; maybe you just caught the video bug recently.

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