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I have noticed that while interviewing my subject goes out of focus at various times. I am able to focus in Manual Mode into a crisp, sharp image of my talent/interviewee. The person's image will then blur slightly while the background remains in sharp focus. It is driving me crazy. I am hoping I will be told of a remedy from this forum.


Camera: Panasonic HDC-T900P. Shooting in 1080/60p, AVCHD. Using tripod with very little zoom action.

Follow Focus Revisited: Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado

Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado
Follow focus use for DSLR videography opened up new ways for videographers to hone their skills through creative shots, but often at a cost of large cumbersome rail systems. Zacuto releases a new design for the standard follow focus that users will want to take for a ride.

Focus Assist: Necessity or Crutch?

Focus Assist
Today, most video is shot with the shooter looking at an LCD screen, often a foot or more away from their face and without protection from ambient light sources. As a result, capturing clear video that's in focus has become more difficult.
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I shoot with a Canon XA10 prosumer camera and want to wean myself from relying on autofocus when shooting moving subjects.   Are there some tips or tricks to improve my manual focus capabilities ... or perhaps a way to better utilize the autofocus so that when my subject's in the left or right third of my frame, the camera's not focusing on the background?  Thank you.

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This is a fully functional unit with 80G hard drive, good for 6 hours of continuous recording. Package includes the FS-4 ProHD, battery, AC adapter/charger and camcorder mount. Email for pics or with any questions. $385.

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I've got a very lightly used Focus FS-5 DTE recorder that has recently gone bad on me. Focus wants a flat $395 + shipping both ways to repair it. This probably wouldn't be an issue, except that this is the second time the unit has needed repair. At that time it was ONLY $195.

So now I'm faced with the question of whether to repair the thing and take a chance that it'll give me better service or just scrub it and get something more reliable. Are these things just prone to failure or did I get a lemon?

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im presently using the canon 5d however im having problems bringing everything into focus at once in video mode. i adjust the aperture from 5.6 to 16 to 20 and it still produces a shallow depth of field .does anyone know how to overcome this issue. it seem as if the aperture has no affect on the D.O.F in video mode.

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Yes, I'm a newbie! I have a Canon Vixia HF10 camera that I've shot a ton of home video with and edited in Premiere. So far, so good.

I have a friend that is an Elvis tribute artist and I tried filming his show a few weeks ago at a club. I had some problems! I've watched a ton of tutorials on how to set up the camera, but I'm still a bit confused! I have a few questions...


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