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FanFilmFX Brings the Force to Plug-ins

FanFilmFX Saber Blade Plug-in in use in FCPX

Those waiting to see what kind of effects will be found in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will have to wait until they’re seated in the theaters and the movie starts. But for those looking to create their own "Star Wars" effects, FanFilmFX has created a series of "Star Wars" inspired plug-ins for use in Apple's Final Cut Pro X 10.2.2, Adobe After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, and Apple Motion 5.1 on a Macintosh computer.

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Hi everyone,

I have a really urgent question that I'm hoping someone in the know can answer - it concerns exporting PAL 16:9 video (with audio) from FCP, in such a format/compression that is acceptable for UK broadcast.

OS X Mountain Lion's Coolest Features for Videographers

OS X Mountain Lion's Coolest Features for Videographers

Leading up to today's Mountain Lion release, Final Cut Pro 7 users everywhere were sweating bullets wondering if their beloved Apple based editing platform would finally be killed off (that is, be incompatable with future OS updates). Well, for those of you looking for that bite sized bit of information, here it is: Final Cut Pro 7 still works with OS X Mountain Lion.

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Hello fellow shooters and cutters,

a simple google search brought me nothing, so i thought i'd ask the pros!

what is going to happen tomorrow when my free trial of final cut x is up?

i can afford to purchase it at the end of the week, just wondering what will happen in-between.

thanks in advance, and i look forward to joining discussions on the boards.


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Hi folks. New member here. Is there much "Apple Computer/Software only" screencasting work out there? I've been producing tutorial software screencasts for a little over a year now. I occasionally runacrossa potential screencasting job requiring Mac software such as Final Cut Pro or ScreenFlow (posted requirements).

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I am a student learning to use Final Cut Pro, and I am trying to obtain a certain "overlay " effect. I want to make a music video of myself playing three instruments and another person playing two, and we would all be in the same shot. I would have to play a drumset which is notmovable. I have a green screen to use and I vaguely understanding keying. The school only supplies a kodak "Flip" style video camera, yet there are shoulder mounts to use if needed, if camera type matters. If anyone could walk me through how to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm a wedding photographer who has just started using her 5dMKii to make promotional videos and vlog entries on my blog. With some of my past projects in iMovie, there would be blockyness in the blacks and grays. So I went to apple and they told me the blockyness problem I was having was that iMovie was unavoidably compressing my files from my 5DmkII output during the transcoding, they suggested switching to Final Cut Pro. In asking a few of the videographer's I've worked with, none of them have mentioned working with FCP. They are either working with Vegas or Premier.

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I edit film with FCP and I have reached a point where I need a better computer. The Mac Pro I have now dates from 2006/2007 and is way to slow for my needs. The question now is: should I upgrade the computer I have or should I buy a new iMac or Mac Pro. I would appreciate any advice! I'm of course looking for the most cost effective solution.

This is what I have today:

Mac Pro

2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon


Hard-disk: 232,44 GB


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