Best of CES 2016 Spotlight: Kodak Super 8 Revival

camera with a large canister and slanted handle

The Kodak Super 8 camera rekindles the magic of making a movie and telling a story with film. With a detachable mic, digital audio recording to an SD card, an electronic viewfinder the Super 8 blends old-school look and feel with modern conveniences.

CES 2016: Kodak's Super 8 Revival

prototype camera
Kodak is working on a Super 8 camera. You’d hardly call that news, except it’s 2016, and you were expecting the smallest, wearable, self-driving, 8K and spec’d out electronic on a drone. Nope, Kodak is embracing film and launching the Super 8 Revival Initiative.
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We are seeking films of 3 minutes or less that tell your climate action story. Whether it's about compost, cycling, or growing your own vegetables, we want to see a short film that shows how we can all take action for the climate.

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