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2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition FINAL DEADLINE November 15th!
Every entry receives script analysis.

Founded by a writer, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s passionate commitment is to develop and discover the unknown screenwriter. We provide each writer who enters BlueCat one written analysis while supporting screenwriters of all levels and stages of development with the constructive feedback all writers require.

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Enter your short film into our Climate Action Film Contest and win cash prizes, filmmaking software, plus a special screening of your film at the 2016 SF Green Film Festival. Deadline: November 6, 2015

We are seeking films of 3 minutes or less that tell your climate action story. Whether it's about compost, cycling, or growing your own vegetables, we want to see a short film that shows how we can all take action for the climate.

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Submit your film to Austin Film Festival!


Austin Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for its 2015 Film Competition


Known as “The Writer’s Festival” since its inception 21 years ago, Austin Film Festival celebrates films built on strong storytelling. 


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As a young budding film maker my biggest frustration is how much equipment costs! To actually get your foot in the door is super difficult regardless of how talented you are.
Which is why I find it so hard to hear how big a price is put on equipment only about 10 different parts. Haha
In saying that, I recently bought a shoulder rig from the cine city for like $140 AU, which is barely anything compared to most rigs out there.

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Calling all filmmakers - SXSW is open for business, which means it's time to send us your film!

To be considered, you must submit directly via We're looking for innovative narrative and documentary features, short films, music videos, title sequences, and Texas high school films.'s picture
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I'm currently at work on my second documentary film and have already done several interviews. One thing I have thought about throughout the process is interviewing or having someone interview me on the films topics as well. I'm curious about this because on one hand, I have a lot of potentially valuable opinions on the subject matter, but on the other I am also the sole director and editor for the production.


Is there any stigma or taboo nature surrounding a practice like this? I'm curious to hear some opinions. Thanks guys.


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