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How To Videos - 10 Tips to Making More Effective Training Videos

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How To videos and training videos are everywhere - from how to install a car engine to how to saddle a horse and how to build a model train. Many people think that since they know how to do something well enough, that they can use video sharing to teach these skills or techniques. Not necessarily.
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You're probably laughing your socks off now (English expression) and looking for a reasonable priced external microphone for my Canon XL2. I have purchased a Canon without the microphone so I've been using the microphone from my xL1. However, I wish to purchase a new or secondhand microphone for the xl2 camera, at a reasonable cost. You probably thinking What am I doing using camera of that age. I am a new beginner in video production, however I've been doing wedding videos for 12 months, (seems a lifetime) it seems a great camera.....

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I am recording some videos with iMovie HD with Mac's iSight camera. The sound is bad so I am using a H4Zoom microphone for a better sound quality.

The problem comes up when I want to put the two together. I can match them up at the start of the video, but for 1 hr of video there is about 2-5 seconds delay in the end of it.

I tried all sorts of things and its still not yelding.. Been banging my head on the walls.
Tried using FCPX delay audio function and IN the software, it works, I get it right, but the exported file, the final video is still delayed...

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Can anyone recommend the best external microphone for a Canon XM1? I have shortlisted the following: Sennheiser MKE 400, Canon DM50/100 and the Rode Videomic (the cheapest by far).

Also where is the best place to get a long-life battery? The one that came with the camera lasts a few hours only.

All and any help much appreciated.

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I'd like to experiment with an ext mic for my GZ-MS100U...I understand that it may be possible to drive an audio in signal through the A/V jack.....anyone try this? I think the built-in is a condenser mic, so would a small preamp be needed with an external? I tried opening the unit up to add a jack but there's just no room in this tightly packed cam...

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I'm looking for a Camera Mic to do low budget tech videos in place of the dredded in camera mic. I'll be using it both indoors and out, probably no farther than 15-20 ft. distance. Budget is $75, camera being used is a Cannon ZR930, I'm not worried about mounting. Here is the microphone I'm thinking of getting this one:

Azden XMS-10 Microphone

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