Canon Debuts the EOS 6D Full Frame DSLR

'Tis the season for camera announcements! Follow along if you can. Canon debuted the EOS 6D at Photokina today, and for video shooters, this may or may not be terribly exciting news. The good news is the EOS 6D is Canon's smallest, and most affordable full frame camera yet.

NAB 2012: What Does Canon Have Up Their Sleeve?

NAB 2012: What Does Canon Have Up Their Sleeve?
If you've been watching for pre-NAB anouncements and rumors as closely as we have, you've surely seen some of the big news. A couple of the biggest morsels being Sony's NEX-FS700U, which can shoot up to 960 frames per second, and some rather cryptic invitations being sent out from Canon which contain nearly no details on what they might be talking about. Rumors are swirling about the possibilities.

Videomaker Tests Beta Canon 60D Camera with Articulating LCD Screen

Videomaker Tests Beta Canon 60D Camera with Articulating LCD Screen
Just a few weeks ago, Videomaker had the privilege of sending a member of it's staff to Yellowstone national park with the exciting promise of being able to get our hands on one of Canon's newest releases. What we saw when we arrived was Canon's completely redesigned 60D. With 1920x1080 video resolution plus an articulating LCD screen, this camera immediately drew our undivided attention.
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Though it is 'always a joy' answering the eternal question 'What camera should I buy?' for the noobies in the posts, every now and then I like to throw the intermediate and advanced folks a bone.

DSLR based video cameras are turning the industry on it's collective ear and the workflow issues in post are really starting to work themselves out. Now that the initial shock of getting stunning cinematic imagery is starting to wear off, the 'real art' is starting to come forth.

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This is a montage of some footage i shot over the past couple of weeks. It has 24p and 60p footage. 17-55 2.8 and 70-200 4L lenses used. Minimal color correction.





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