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 I use Sonicfire Pro, by Smartsound Software.  I love the versatility and music selections.  However, I've been getting fraudulent claims from a variety of music distribution companies:  Kontor New Media, INgrooves, SME, etc.  I've provided proof, to include a letter from one of the vice presidents of Smartsound, but only had limited success in defending myself.  This affects my "Revenue Sharing" as the videos are automatically excluded from this program.  Is anyone else having issues with their royalty free music libraries?

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Hi, I want to put together a memorial slide show to post on youtube. A tribute to my sister who recently passed away. I have lots of photos to use as a story book. I also want to add my own music along with the photos, her life's story in say 5 minutes of a slideshow video if you will. Then uploaded to youtube so friends and family can watch and hear it. I have a winxp and win 7 pc. I have never created a slideshow video. I have no idea which software to buy. I read some conflicting reviews on a few. Please, can anyone help me and suggest an easy to use software to complete this task?

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I bought Liquid Edition Pro 6 with an upgrade at just about the time it was being discontinued ( as it turns out ). It was a struggle for me to try to learn to navigate the beast, so I reasoned I would get my feet wet with the Pinnacle software and then make a transition to Liquid. Now, some years later, I'm getting the feeling that any further effort invested in Liquid would essentially be a waste of time; and perhaps I should be scoping out a more current, widely used NLE platform. What say you?

Rick Crampton

Google Makes Mobile Editing a Reality With Movie Studio for Honeycomb

Google Makes Mobile Editing a Reality With Movie Studio for Honeycomb
We all know the iPhone has iMovie, but with the announcement at the Mobile World Congress on February 15 (which we know is almost a month and a half ago), Android has a new contender. Their software, Movie Studio, is an application for mobile editing using Google's latest Honeycomb OS for tablet PCs.
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I'm starting documentary production soon and I need some information on a good hd pro/prosumer level camera, editing software and shotgun mic. As with everyone else starting out I would like to keep the cost down. The area of 5-7g for all would be great. Most of that would be on the camera. Any and all suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi All!

I'm going to start making educational videos on basic legal topics.I'm a PC user, but am open to learning a Mac. I'm a pretty quick study. Can you tell me if there's a recommended PC video editingsoftware that is preferred, or if you recommend buying a Mac and Mac video editing software. I'm NOTlooking to become a professional; I would like to get up and running in a short amount of time.

Please be specific on the type of Mac I should buy and software program.

Thank you much for the information!


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Hi all,

My name is Jason and I'm a novice video maker. Please forgive the length of this post but I am trying to decide on the appropriate camera/software combination for my next project. Let me describe what I'm planning on doing first and then I'll ask my question(s) afterward.

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As a skater, all I'm really looking for is a software that can do good slow motion. I'm sure it also has to do with my lack of experience that I can't do good slow mo, but I just want to make sure it has that capability, like for example Windows Movie Maker can't do good slow motion because it only allows you to use the "slow down half" feature. I will learn how to make slow mo edits later, but first I need to find a consumer quality software that I can work with on practicing my slow motion. Can anyone please help? Thanks.


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