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Hello, I'm just starting out in video editing and was wondering what everyone thinks about the Sony Vegas Pro 12 editing software?

Is this too much program for someone with little experience? Should I start with something less powerful?

Just wanted opinions...Thanks in advance!

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So I downloaded the trial to see if it would work on my computer. I edited everything just fine so I bought the disc version.

I started my first project and when I add video to the timeline I get the audio but no video? I don't have one of the "listed video cards" but the trail version didn't give me that problem? Any ideas?

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Hello guys,

I know most users here are professionals with lots of skills and experience, so anyway, I just wanted to ask what's your advice on the best editing software for someone who just want to edit not so professional shot clips but want to get great results with the decent work and time put on project?

I've seen a few number of free applications but they're just disappointing. I need some great software with affordable price and great functionality.

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I'm just a video editing novice but I've had the chance to do several low-key video projects for family and friends over the years. It's fun. But I have a LOT to learn. 


Anyway, a major problem I'm having right now. A friend gave me some DVDs of a conference she taught, and she wanted me to add some info to the video at the beginning and end, and prepare a file for uploading to the internet. 


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My boyfriend and I are going to Guatemala to help a charity/organisation make a documentary (volunteering). They have no equipment, so whatever we bring is how we can make it happen. We are a bit stumped as to what would be the best camera/editing program to use.


An overview:

The documentary will be filmed in many different locations/situations, outdoors, indoors, group shots, interviews.

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I recently filmed a bunch of footage on my Sony FS700 camera. All of it was recorded at 1080p and 240fps.

I have imported all the file into Adobe Premiere Pro and edited the footage. Everything looks great.

However, after exporting (H.264 at 1080p), there are a few clips that don't have the smooth slow-motion effect. They look more choppy as if it was shot at 60fps and slowed to about 10%. Anybody know why this is occurring?

Here's a link to the video: https://vimeo.com/120497885


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