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I have the entire 10 DVD VASST Absolute Training Series for Sony Vegas Pro editing suite. This retails for $329 and the version on the VASST site discontinued two of the DVDs, which I still have! This is for 100% the very last full 10 DVD course you will find in one package and WAY below retail.

I am selling it on Ebay to make for a legal and safe and protected transaction for both buyer and seller. It is listed now through Sunday for only $240. These DVDs sell individually for $59 each.

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I was wondering wherther anyone has experience selling their video productions (DVDs) on Amazon? We have just produced a 2 DVDs set on a "educational" subject "how to do..." and we have had good success selling on Ebay at Buy it Now feature.

To sell on Amazon you have to have a UPC ($25.00 cost on line with vendor) for your product and pay Amazon a monthly fee $39.95 to list your custom made product. I would be very interested to hear other peoples' experiences regarding Amazon.com?



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It is my goal to capture the highest quality video I can to burn to
Archival DVDs with my current equipment.

I have a Panasonic Mini DV PVGS120 camcorder and boatloads of wonderful movies I want to save. But this camcorder will NOT connect to any of the 4 computers I own (firewire) Believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING with multiple computers, made tons of calls, dropped messages on forums, etc. The camcorder cannot be recognized as a device and videos cannot be imported. If this would work, I would be done and happy.

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PLEASE CRITIQUE MY TWO VIDEOS. I just found this forum last night, and am new to video making. I truly love it, and want to learn all I can. The tips & tricks page seems to be a really great place to start. I have been learning Pinnacle on my own since January of this year when I have a chance.

I would like to make travel aid DVDS for Tahoe and Reno, etc... for sale on eBay, so, when I do I want them to be high quality with great effects. I would like to speed up my learning process now. I could use anyone's advice, and would appreciate it.

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