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Hi, Does anyone know or have ever used http://www.video-to-dvd.co.uk/ in Bristol? I have 50 videos to transfer. They have done me a sample and was good but just wanted to know if anyone else had any ideas before I take the plunge? Its something I want to get done before xmas and they said they can turn around in less than 2 weeks.

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I'm just a video editing novice but I've had the chance to do several low-key video projects for family and friends over the years. It's fun. But I have a LOT to learn. 


Anyway, a major problem I'm having right now. A friend gave me some DVDs of a conference she taught, and she wanted me to add some info to the video at the beginning and end, and prepare a file for uploading to the internet. 


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I have a home movie edited into three sequences in Premiere Pro CS3 and am wondering what to do with it next.


I want each sequence to be a chapter so once I burn the DVD it can either be watched straight through or the viewer can pick a chapter. I might divide the sequences further into chapters, I dunno.  I also want a DVD menu.


But what's my workflow for finishing the project?  I have the Adobe CS3 Master Collection to work with.


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This is posted on behalf of one of our forum members, John.


Hi Friends!

I have a Hitachi camcorder that makes mini DVD’s. It is fun to use, but not the greatest.

I used to be able to use WinRip to download from my DVD player into Moviemaker. The system froze and now the dvd player in my PC won’t recognize the mini dvd-r’s! It’s like there is a selection list and these aren’t selected anymore. I tried to use a PC restore point but nogo.

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We have a client that is looking to have a DVD we made for them converted into a digital file that their sales people can put on laptops or iPads. Not I'm sure if this is possible to do with a operational menu and all. Never been asked or have executed this before so I need some input as soon as possible.

Any help would be absolutely great. Thank you in advance.

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We got a new laptop for my wife and I had big problems trying to make the recovery disks for her. I was using Memorex DVDs (I tried both DVD-R and DVD+R). I called HP tech support and talked to a guy in India. He said I should use a "quality" DVD like Sony or Kodak. So I went out and bought some Sony DVDs. Same problem. Finally took the laptop back to Best Buy and got another of the same kind. I asked the tech guy at Best Buy about DVDs and he said he only uses Verbatim. I bought a pack of Verbatim DVDs and was able to make the recovery disks fine.


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