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Hi, everyone, Jennifer O'Rourke with Videomaker
here. I have a reader that asks an interesting question and I thought
I'd throw it out to the forums.

I have a reader that
asks: "Does the magazine have an article on how to walk using a
stabilizer. I really suck at this!"

I did some research and can't see if we've ever done a story on the proper way to use a tripod or stabilizer. Looks like a story is in the plan, huh? Any ideas?

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Hi, my name is Andrew Chandler.. I run aYouTube channelcalled "AccuracyFilms" and enjoy making any kind of short film that comes my way, but my main focus is action.. Please subscribe to my channel if you have an account with YouTube and support me by watching my videos... Tell me what you think!!

YouTube Channel- http://www.youtube.com/accuracyfilms

Latest Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3w4DP0srdw

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Hello, i am a beginner photographer i want to get into videography but i just want to know something before i buy a camera, If i won't shoot weddings or events what will i shoot ?? i mean, in photography you can shoot anything like landscapes or anything but in videography if there's nothing happening, what will i shoot ?? i need ur advice :)

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Hi, new here so thanks in advance for any help on this.

I made a short movie last year on a borrowed Sony A1 and I've got my next short in development. I'm trying to work out what camera to buy. Do I go down the DSLR route and take advantage of the 35mm lens changing capability to add to the movie look? Or do I stick to video cameras? Not hugely clued up here so really happy I've found this site. Any thoughts for making something that has some of the look of film but all of the benefits of digital?

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I shoot video in the clubs and most of the time i use either the hvx 200 or the canon hfs 20. i have no problem with these cameras wen it comes to digital noise due to low light. However, wen i attempt to use the 5d mark 2 no matter what i do, i always seem to get plenty of noise in the video, i see ppl use the 50d 60d and the 7d, i dont know how their footage comes out b.u.t im assuming its coming out better than mine. when i had this problem with the hvx or the hfs i just limited the agc to 9 and that solved the problem, no more noise.


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