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I have been using my DSLR (Nikon D5100) for quite sometime for photography. However, in the next year, I will be involved in a project or two where I will be mainly shooting videos for YouTube.


I used my D5100 for YouTube and it is fantastic. However, because I am going to be recording mainly videos, I was wondering if there is a better alternative to shooting with a DSLR especially if it offers more features, video quality, flexibility or ease of use.


Budget is < 2500 USD

From Camcorders to DSLRs and Back Again

The small DSLR form factor, and lack of motorized zoom limited my shooting options, and I found myself sticking with pans, tilts, and static shots, rather than going handheld.

Edelkrone Pocket Rig DSLR Support Mini-Review

Edelkrne Pocket Rig

As you may have seen on Videomaker.com, we recently got our hands on the Pocket Rig by Edelkrone. At Videomaker, we're strong believers that if you're shooting on a DSLR, support is essential. Since the bodies are so small, these are cameras where the center of gravity is often in the lens. Combine that with the fact that the grip is vertical rather than horizontal, and you have yourself a recipe for wobbly video if you choose to shoot hand-held. We put the Pocket Rig on a Canon 5D Mark III and took it for a spin.

Canon Debuts the EOS 6D Full Frame DSLR

'Tis the season for camera announcements! Follow along if you can. Canon debuted the EOS 6D at Photokina today, and for video shooters, this may or may not be terribly exciting news. The good news is the EOS 6D is Canon's smallest, and most affordable full frame camera yet.

Nikon Announces D600 Full-Frame DSLR

D600 Full-Frame DSLR
A new contender enters the arena! Nikon announced the D600 DSLR last night, featuring a full-frame FX sensor. This camera appears to be a viable alternative to the D800 for those looking to save a few hundred dollars. The D600 will shoot up to 30p AVC footage at 1920 x 1080 resolution. The camera's audio capabilities are equally impressive.
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I run an educational program that teaches beginning video production among other things, and we'd like to get an external microphone for our Canon DSLR. Something incredibly versatile would benecessary. We record bands as well as interviews, indoor and outdoor.

Here's a link to a concert we did. I was pleased with the actual footage, I'd like to upgrade the sound quality. Usually a feed out of the sound system isn't an option.


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We are seaking DSLR video cameraman who are active on this forum to test ALZO special DSLR rig HDMI and stereo audio short cords. Please respond to drew@alzovideo.com if you are interested in testing and reporting results.

Panasonic Announces Six New Lumix Cameras

Panasonic Announces Six New Lumix Cameras
Panasonic has announced six additions to it's Lumix line of cameras today, including the LZ20, FZ200, SZ5, FZ60, LX7, and G5. Let's take a look at the details we video nuts really care about.


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