LUMIX DMC-G6 Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera


Panasonic announce the new digital single lens mirrorless LUMIX DMC-G6 camera for photo and video. Is not just an interchangeable lens camera, but also an advance digital photographic tool with attractive features.

Nikon Announces D7100 DSLR Camera

Nikon D7100 with external microphone
Nikon announced their new DX-format D7100 DSLR this morning. The camera comes equipped with a 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor (23.5mm) and EXPEED 3 image processing engine. In addition to all the still photography features (outlined in the press release below, Videographers will be most interested in the following features:
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Hey guys, i'm getting into photography/videography and am looking at some dslr's. I will mainly use it for downhill skateboarding, which in short is people go down big hills on skateboards (longboards) at very high speeds. I've been to around 42mph and i need something that will take stationary pictures of my freinds going by me while im standing on the side of the road. We wear full face helmets, gloves, knee pads, etc. and aren't just crazy teenagers. I'm leaning towards the nikon, and i have heard the canon T3 feels "cheap" in the plastic sense.

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The GH2 is an awesome camera, really awesome once you hack it. The only problem is the lack of custom made accessories for its form factor.

A few months ago I was looking to gear up my GH2 with a nice follow focus rig for shooting video, and if anyone else out there has done the same thing, you've probably realized that there aren't quite as many options as there are for the canons.

(or even the nikons for that matter)

But I did come across something really nice -

the SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus Standard Panasonic GH2 from IDC.

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Hey everyone,


I'm in the pre-production phase of writing a music video that involves a lot of shots of a man looking into various reflective surfaces (mirror, glass building, puddle etc) and seeing a girl (his girlfriend) back out at him. I was wondering would any of you have any ideas on how best to approach this type of shot? I have thought about greenscreening, but have to consider getting the perfect angles and also shooting the two separate and just making them appear correct in post production...


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Hi Guys

                    I'm thinking of buyin a Flycam and wondered if anyone has any experience with them?


I was also thinking of buying the vest and arm with it, but is it worth it or should I just buy the Flycam on its own?


I'm using it for short films, with Canon 600D


Cheers in Advance



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I have been using my DSLR (Nikon D5100) for quite sometime for photography. However, in the next year, I will be involved in a project or two where I will be mainly shooting videos for YouTube.


I used my D5100 for YouTube and it is fantastic. However, because I am going to be recording mainly videos, I was wondering if there is a better alternative to shooting with a DSLR especially if it offers more features, video quality, flexibility or ease of use.


Budget is < 2500 USD

From Camcorders to DSLRs and Back Again

The small DSLR form factor, and lack of motorized zoom limited my shooting options, and I found myself sticking with pans, tilts, and static shots, rather than going handheld.


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