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Hey Videomaker community!


I'm looking for a decent prime lens for my T2i with a nice, low f-stop.  My price range is around $100.  I've shopped around on Amazon, but not found anything to my liking.  You guys are amazing, please point me in the right direction!

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Hi Everybody,

I've been getting more and more into videography as a hobby, and I'm hoping to make a little cash doing videography on weekends. I have some questions and need some advice. I'd love to hear what you veterans have to say...

I have an awesome EOS 5D it takes amazing pictures and video, I love it. The big problem I have is with the audio. I've been looking into getting a shot gun style microphone attachment. If anyone could answer some questions for me about microphones and maybe even a little bit about your background, I'd be super grateful.

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Can anyone recommend a good shoulder mount rig for the Canon 5D Mark II? Something for less than $500 that includes follow focus, and zoom control, plus perhaps an LCD monitor? Not sure it would be realistic to expect an LCD monitor with a setup like this for less than $500.

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Greetings -


I mainly shoot interviews and eng-type pojects, with my main camera a full-size Panasonic AVCHD cam, and that works well for me. I'm looking to buy a new second cam, and am looking to find something that will add some new options to my arsenal. I want to stay in the $500-$1,000 range if possible.


I can't seem to find much info on the sound capabilities of many of the DSLR's (some manufacturer's sites don't mention external audio inputs and controls, while some independent reviews only briefly mention them).


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Hi, i'm a musician and trying to learn dslr video. After purchasing my rebel t5i recently, I shot my first music video and edited. I thought my musician friend had a great song and we wanted to shoot an amateur clip.

I'm just getting into the dslr video and don't know too much as far as cameras and lenses. i decided to signed up here to get feedback and to look for tips to get better. could you guys take some minutes to watch my video and tell me how good or bad i'm doing?

Follow Focus Revisited: Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado

Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado
Follow focus use for DSLR videography opened up new ways for videographers to hone their skills through creative shots, but often at a cost of large cumbersome rail systems. Zacuto releases a new design for the standard follow focus that users will want to take for a ride.


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