Nikon D5500 Makes Contact

The Nikon D5500 marks the first product from Nikon that includes touch operation. This makes it more intuitive, with pinch to zoom and shutter activation.

Canon and Zacuto DSLR Kit Giveaway Winner Announcement

Man with camera and support gear
Today we're pleased to announce that wedding and event videographer, Dustin Long, is the winner and new owner of a DSLR kit that is great for shooting on the run. He'll be upgrading his camera support as well which will allow for more unique shots.

Last Chance to Enter the DSLR Kit Giveaway

Man with a DSLR and camera support
As a publisher of camera reviews, we get more cameras sent to us than a typical video enthusiast, but that doesn’t diminish any excitement when a camera gets delivered! If you’re like us and enjoy tearing through packaging and discovering and documenting every piece that is included, then you should enter our contest for the Ultimate Run-and-Gun DSLR Kit. We want to share that sensation, so plug in your case to be sent this prize. The contest is free to enter, additional entries are encouraged, and you’ll get Videomaker videos and tips along the way.

Win One Ultimate Run-and-Gun DSLR Kit

man with camera and support
We want you to shoot lots of video. We would also love to give you all a DSLR that you can run out and shoot with, but only one of you will win one from us. Enter our contest for a chance to win the ultimate run-and-gun kit.
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I recently purchased a DSLR rig and have been getting asked by many of my film maker friends to give my opinion since many of them are also on the hunt for a good rig.

Nikon Unveils New Flagship: The D810

the all new Nikon D810 with the nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
Over the years Nikon has widely become known for having exceptional sensors and processors. If you go to any source that rates sensors, you'll see Nikon's FX line littering the top 10. This has made Nikon a pretty obvious choice for photographers, but in the videography world Nikon has always been cast behind Canon's all-encompassing cult-like shadow.
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Hi guys,


Looking to record long events (ice hockey games) using my Canon 600d DSLR (i know, not ideal, but as of now, I can't afford anything else), but don't know how to record the footage onto a hard drive rather than numerous SD cards to garuntee that recording isnt going to stop as the card is full. Is there a way to my 600d upto my macbook pro and record it through that?


Thanks in advance.

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hi fellow artist :)


i am need of some advice. i am graphic designer working in a theme park in doha. I record the birthday parties that are held in our park.a I also use FCP X as my software platform. I would like up my skills in this department since I am slowly gaining experience as well.


As a start i would like to do small birthdays and engagement events coz they will be the small start i am looking for. It would also be the right way for me to go. Do it as a hobby for now and slowly start charging.



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