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Hi Everyone,

I'm going to be traveling and shooting approx 3 hours everyday around S.E. Asia for 3 months. I'm deciding between a Canon HFS and HFN 31 right now but want to be able to download and backup footage every couple of days. What would be the most lightweight option to do this? I first thought of the MacBook Air but it doesn't have a firewire port and only one USB post. Is there a PC option or am I missing something like a go-between that would literally make it possible to download files directly from the camera to a hard drive?

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Hey gang,

I currently got my hands on this camera, but it did not come with any software! I would love to use the "One Touch Youtube Upload" or any of the other features like that, but am unable if I'm just using something like Ulead to get the video off the camera. Does anybody know where I can get this software?

Thanks in advance.

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