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Ken Burns Wins Legal Rights to not Give Up Documentary Footage

Photo of Documentary filmmaker Ken burns
Ken Burns won a battle this week for journalistic rights and won't have to give up his footage to New York City. The well-known award-winning documentary filmmaker was subpoenaed to give up outtake footage from his documentary "The Central Park Five" about a high-profile rape case focused on five men wrongly accused and convicted for the crime another man admitted to. The judge denied NYC's request.

Lavaliers, Shotguns, and Handhelds, Oh My!

So, you've got a small budget and you finally believe that the audio you capture for your project is just as important as the video, (we told you so!) but you can only purchase one mic. Shotgun mics on boom poles are the mainstay in Hollywood, but maybe you just shoot weddings in your spare time, or do a local commercial every now and then to help make ends meet. Well, here's some pros and cons of the most common mic types, and what they're good at.