Videomaker's Lume Cube Sweepstakes Winner Announced

lineup of silver and black cubes
We are pleased to announce that the randomly selected winner of our Lume Cube Sweepstakes is Tim Lenz of Sarasota, FL. He’s going to get some of the first Lume Cubes ever shipped. He may use these little lights in commercials, and we hope you’ll check out his work.
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I am curious to know if anyone is familiar with the line of instructional DVD's that VideoMaker sells on their site.

I am curious to know about the quality and the information contained in the DVD's. Is there anything in these that can't be found on the internet.

The DVD's I am thinking about purchasing are the Documentary Storytelling and Documentary Fundraising. I was about to buy them, but I wanted to find out what fans of these forums might think.

Any advice, comments, suggestions are very much welcomed and appreciated.

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Most music sites will let you preview 30 seconds of a song for free. (for example:


If I am producing a documentary on Doc Watson, for example, can I play 30 second clips of some of his different songs in my production without anybody's permission?'s picture
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I'm currently at work on my second documentary film and have already done several interviews. One thing I have thought about throughout the process is interviewing or having someone interview me on the films topics as well. I'm curious about this because on one hand, I have a lot of potentially valuable opinions on the subject matter, but on the other I am also the sole director and editor for the production.


Is there any stigma or taboo nature surrounding a practice like this? I'm curious to hear some opinions. Thanks guys.

Ken Burns Wins Legal Rights to not Give Up Documentary Footage

Photo of Documentary filmmaker Ken burns
Ken Burns won a battle this week for journalistic rights and won't have to give up his footage to New York City. The well-known award-winning documentary filmmaker was subpoenaed to give up outtake footage from his documentary "The Central Park Five" about a high-profile rape case focused on five men wrongly accused and convicted for the crime another man admitted to. The judge denied NYC's request.


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