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My company is looking to update our current studio and I am wondering if anybody has used iPad apps or software in general to help visualize our plans. I have looked at some of the home design apps available but question if some of the features would include cameras, ceiling lights, podium desk, etc. Is Google Sketch, Microsoft Visio a viable option?

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Hey everybody!
I haven't been on the forums in a while(I don't even live in Colorado anymore!), but it's good to be back!

When I originally got on this forum, I was starting out making home movies as a teenager, but later found my niche in corp. video and have now made thousands of dollars producing short (2-5 min) online advertising/demo videos for various local businesses.

5 Video Tools Under Thirty Dollars Each

5 Video Tools Under Thirty Dollars Each
A while back, we produced a video series on DIY equipment, but there are some cheap tools that are pretty handy and that you don't even have to build yourself. It's not a stretch to use each of these in almost every shoot. If you're not using them already, consider making a few additions to your toolkit and you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Five Tips on Directing DIY Tutorials

Five Tips on Directing DIY Tutorials
Dont know how to do something? Confused by the high tech lingo in your instruction manual? No problem! Nowadays, we just grab our nearest internet capable device, plug in our favorite search engine and click the go button. You will find links to dozens of different sites, lists and columns of instructions, but if you need a visual guide, youre going to be looking for a video.
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Hey all,

I am new here, and fairly new to the business. The company I work for is looking to do improvements to their small studio and I have been elected to spearhead the project. I have looked around on the net a bit for some of the items we were looking into getting and I thought I would try here to see what your suggestions are.

What we are looking into getting is...

1. Tile flooring (suggestions on what I should be looking for, what I should avoid? We are hoping to be able to paint the tiles chroma green/black/white when needed)

Cold to the Touch Screen

Cold to the Touch Screen
Whether it is your smartphone or a camcorder menu, gloves with conductive metal thread in the tips will ward off numbness - keeping your touch screen useful.


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