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5 Production Tasks to Delegate to Someone Else

Producer Chuck Peters and his crew on the set in Nashville
As a video producer, you wear many hats. There are so many details to track and putting an entire video production together can be an overwhelming effort. Let's put away our need to do it all, and look a 5 tasks that you can easily designate to someone else to help you focus on the more important details - like focus!

5 Wardrobe Malfunction No-No's for Video

A woman with crossed arms wearing a busy striped shirt
When you prepare for a lifestyle video shoot of a rugged trail hiker and your model shows up in an evening gown you clearly didn't communicate clearly. Telling talent what lifestyle clothes to wear is simple, of course, but the selection, patterns, colors and accessories aren't as easy to define.

5 Foods to Feed Your Crew

Delicious looking sandwich from Craft Services
A healthy crew is a happy crew and nothing makes your crew happier (and willing to work longer,) than a good grub table. No chips and dips, please, feed the crew well and they'll stick around. Here are five tips to taking care of the food needs for your crew.

Actors and Movie Prop Tricks

Image of a movie director holding a clapper card in front of a movie theater
The most obvious way to make your audience aware of the importance of a movie prop is to shoot a closeup cutaway of it, but this is also the most boring and predictable method. How then, can you let the audience know - in a split second - what a props is or its importance to a scene without slowing the scene down for a classic cutaway? Watch the Masters.

Directing Tips - Using Dog Training with Your Pets

Directing can be a very rewarding task during video production. Directing animals even more so. Being a director of dogs is something that two Videomaker readers have done for quite some time, and at their core are dog trainers, with videos coming secondary to the dog training.