Light Reflection: 6 Reasons Videographers Love to Shoot in the Winter

Photographer shooting under cloudy skies using a Canon 5D Mark III

As Old Man Winter lowers his cold frosty mantle upon the earth, creating dark chilly nights and crisp wintry days, many video producers think of hanging up their gear until Spring returns. But from shots exploiting winter's lovely light reflection to the striking colors of the magic hour, the dead of winter can be an enlightening time to shoot creative scenes of beauty, peace or desolation.

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I have been shooting stuff with my HMC150 and love the picture. I currently have a UV filter, a polarizer and a warming filter from Tiffen.

What are your thoughts about diffusion filters and Soft/FX filters (any brand)? Are they useful or necessary on this camera? If you have some experience, can you please contribute a few tips about which filters to use in order to achieve particular "looks"?

Any advice on software filters is also welcome. Thanks!

New Schneider Diffusion Filters for DSLR Cameras

New Schneider Diffusion Filters for DSLR Cameras
Schneider Optics renowned Classic Soft, HD Classic Soft, Black Frost, and Hollywood Black Magic diffusion filters are now available in popular round sizes specifically for todays leading SLR, digital SLR and DV cameras. A favorite tool of Hollywood cinematographers thanks to their ability to hide the trick, Schneider precision optical glass diffusion filters are routinely requested by top talent who appreciate looking their best. And getting the image right in-camera also means big savings over costly, time-consuming post-editing.
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