depth of field

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i found this video on the web and i really love the way it looks


i wonder what type of camera this guy used. Can you help me?


The thing that i love the most is the blurred background.


How can i achieve it?





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Hey all,

I am new and I just got an HMC 150. I have been trying to work on rack focusing on it and having trouble. What do you guys recommend? Do I need to get a better lens? I have been trying to keep my subject far from the background and keeping a good distance between myself and subject. Any tips?

What DSLRs Need to Become a True Camcorder Replacement

What DSLRs Need to Become a True Camcorder Replacement

Oh, how times have changed. Just two short years ago, I was shooting on a Panasonic HVX200, previewing my footage on a Marshall monitor, and using a G35 lens adapter in order to achieve depth of field. These were wretched times in which one was forced to make a choice between quality and speed.

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I recently added a 2.2 teleconverter to my X12 optical zoom Panasonic PV-GS400. I can do some amazing CUs. But, even locked down, just the wind blowing causes the image to shake! Now, what I'd like to do is capture birds in flight. If I shake on a tripod, hand held is out of the question. Does anyone know how PBS's "Nature" or the Discovery channel videographers capture such amazing footage of birds in flight? Also, how do they handle depth of field. At high magnification, it can be pretty small. Do they shoot with one hand on the focus ring? I'm looking for any insights I can get. Thanks.

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