Editing Tip: Clean Edits

Editing Tip: Clean Edits
It's easy to spot amateur video. These videos are usually unpolished, resulting in a slew of flash frames. To the untrained eye, flash frames can be hard to spot.
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I have a complete Final cut pro Turnkey system with mac system and pro video i/o just needs Final cut studio.

Feel free to ask questions and make offers



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Today, I was cleaning up files on an old hard disk. In it, I met again many softwares I used to be using during last decade. ACDSEE, PHOTOSHOP, ULTRA EDITOR and many others, some of them are still my favorite tools today.

Watch the Windows Vista I am using now, what a similar looking between the explorer and the old ACDSEE classic. The so called thumbnail-view layout, which I first saw in ACDSEE classic, is nowadays a most common user interface standard.

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Hi all!

I'm sorry for my english, I'm from a little country called Denmark . I hope your understand my question.

How do you organize your clips?

I have my clips on harddrives, in folders by date. But I have trouble finding things now, after my library have grown a lot.

What do you do?

I have tried to find some software like FC SERVER, but I can't find some, anyone knows a good piece software (client/server)?

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