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I work for a video production that is just starting up in Winnipeg, MB Canada. We are trying to figure out how things work with using copyrighted music in our videos.


I have heard that you can contact the record label and purchase the rights but it seems pretty unefficent to have to do that for each song.


Is there a license that we can purchase to be able to use copyrighted music in our videos?

Any help in figuring this out is much appreciated!

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I'm a grad student and I'm making a video project for my class on the peace process in Colombia.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of footage available at places like, and I'm not really sure where to start.  No one lists the prices, so I don't know what to expect when emailing all of these folks.  Is there one news station that is cheaper than the other when getting the rights?  I'm just putting this together for educational purposes, and I really feel like I should be able to grab anything and claim fair use.  If I'm not going to be making money off it I don't see why these news

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Hello all. I am editing my first wedding. I think I'm doing real good. Only this I am worried about is using the song they are dancing to in my DVD. This is the beginning of my business, and I don't want any issues. How do I obtain copyrights to songs? I really only want to use one, "Lost in this moment", this is a very popular song at weddings, so I assume obtaining the copyrights can't be too hard. Any help is very appreciated.


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Hi, what I wonder is, when I do the final rendering in Sony Vegas, does that video file go under the licensing terms of the software it was created by? More specifically, what license agreements or terms does the video I just created go under?

If anyone wants to know, I'm wondering this because I then upload these videos to youtube and earn money on the videos. To be able to do that I need the commercial rights to the video.

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can anyone direct me to a good link, website ...etc to learn about copyright ,trademark use in your videos?

I was thinking to do a few car reviews and use it to monetize on youtube or my own website but really need to learn basics and more what can be used in my footage without potential copywright, trademark problems.

or lets say I want to do a GoPro camera review and the footage might include its logo on the box or so

any advice would help to move forward

Thank You in Advance

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Video in Question

I own the distribution and reprint rights to this video. It was produced in the mid 90's using analog technology. When I posted it to youtube they just sent me an email saying that the music was owned etc, but not to worry. The owner of the music has now escalated it to yellow, red being next where Youtube limits my account. At yellow I have the chance to alter it or remove it. At red I have to remove it or put up with a limited account.

Fair Use Misconceptions Can Expose Video to Copyright Violations

Fair Use Misconceptions Can Expose Video to Copyright Violations

We frequently get questions from video creators about the rules for making use of other creators' work in their own projects. If a piece of art was created so long ago that its copyright has expired and it's since fallen into the public domain, you're free to make use of it any way that you want.


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